2014 DisHonors ‘Celebrity Dumb Ass Award’ Nominee: Emmy Rossum

Brent Baker | September 25, 2014
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At the Media Research Center’s “DisHonors Awards” held on Thursday, September 25, 2014 during the MRC’s annual gala, one of three nominees for the ‘Celebrity Dumb Ass Award.’

“Then I got food poisoning the next day....The hospitals are amazing there. I went to the hospital: Free health care! Incredible....They don’t even ask you for your I.D. You give your name, you give your symptoms, they hook you up to a bunch of fluids. They say just leave when you feel like it. You pay nothing! I paid nothing. They treated me for hours, I paid nothing. Amazing....It was amazing.”
— Emmy Rossum, star of Showtime’s Shameless, on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, January 8, recounting what happened when she became ill during a visit to Britain.

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