ABC, CBS: Critics Say ‘Liar’ Boris Johnson Could ‘Wreck’ British Economy

Scott Whitlock | September 4, 2019
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[See NewsBusters for more.] ABC, CBS and MSNBC on Wednesday all gloated at the chaos unfolding in Britain as Prime Minister Boris Johnson fights to bring Brexit to Britain three years after the country voted for it. ABC offered scare-mongering warnings, saying that “critics” say “liar” Johnson will bring down the British economy with a no-deal Brexit. MSNBC’s Morning Joe predictably cheered rebel Conservatives who have voted to delay (yet again) Brexit, saying they are more honorable than American Republicans who back Donald Trump. On ABC’s Good Morning America, reporter James Longman touted liberal talking points about how apocalyptic a hard Brexit would be: “They have done this because they fear leaving without agreement would wreck the UK economy, slash house prices and leave millions jobless.”