ABC Covers for Biden With FALSE Fact-Check of Assault Weapons Ban

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 2, 2022
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In an address from the White House Thursday evening, President Biden again called for a ban on so-called “assault weapons.” In his remarks, Biden wrongly blamed the expiration of the 1994 law for a rise in so-called “mass shootings” (a term perverted by the Gun Violence Archive). And in their analysis following the speech, ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir and chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas backed him up with a false “fact-check,” calling the comments “not in debate.”

After touting Biden’s call to take peoples’ guns away, Muir gave a quick overview of his argument for an assault weapons ban (whatever those are):

We know that lasted ten years, it was allowed to expire when Republicans were in control. He talked about the stats after it expired. He said, “mass shootings went down while the assault weapons ban was in effect. When they expired in 2004,” he said, “those weapons were allowed to be sold again, mass shootings have tripled.”

“Has our team had time to fact-check that?” Muir teed him up.