ABC Defends FBI’s Error-Filled Russia Investigation of Trump’s Campaign

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 9, 2019
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The Justice Department’s Inspector General report examining the origins of the Russia investigation was released on Monday. And in spite of “serious management failures” and “no satisfactory explanation” as to why certain actions were taken, the IG suggested there was no anti-Trump bias. Of course, certain members of the liberal media pounced such as ABC chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas.

Yet, CBS senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge (formerly with Fox News) and NBC Justice correspondent Pete Williams seemed skeptical of the conclusion as they focused heavily on the IG’s criticisms of the FBI. It was reporting that said more about them as journalists than it did about their respective networks.

After years of President Trump calling it a deep state, saying the FBI was anti-Trump when it launched an investigation into possible ties between his campaign and Russia, tonight, the long-awaited independent report, the Justice Department's inspector general revealing there was no evidence of a witch hunt,” Thomas declared confidently.

While Thomas did note that the IG found “serious ‘errors and omissions’” from FISA warrant applications, he spent more time touting the conclusions that went against President Trump’s accusations.