ABC News Is Most Displeased With Pace of Trump Documents Trial

MRC Latino | April 4, 2024
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DAVID MUIR: We turn now to Donald Trump tonight, and Special Counsel Jack Smith signaling his frustration with the Florida judge overseeing the classified documents case. Smith calling a key decision by the judge, quote, “fundamentally flawed”. Here's Pierre Thomas.

PIERRE THOMAS: Tonight, in an extraordinary filing, Special Counsel Jack Smith increasingly frustrated with the Florida judge's handling of the classified documents case, urging her to move the trial forward. Smith bluntly telling Judge Aileen Cannon -- who was appointed by Donald Trump -- that her decision to even consider Trump's claim that he could just declare classified documents to be his personal papers was "fundamentally flawed." Smith's unusually critical language came in response to Judge Cannon's suggestion that she might instruct the jury to take into account Trump's claims that the classified documents were his personal property. Smith writing that such a "legal premise is wrong" and "would distort the trial." And he's urging Judge Cannon to explain her position as soon as possible, making it clear he’s ready to appeal to a higher court. Critics of the judge wonder if she's delaying on purpose to help Donald Trump. An example of just how long some of these decisions are taking -- there was a hearing 34 days ago to discuss when the trial should begin. David, Judge Cannon still has not announced a decision. 

MUIR: You’ll continue to follow it for sure. Pierre Thomas, tonight. Pierre, thank you.