ABC Refuses to Tie Organized Retail Theft to Weak-on-Crime DAs

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 1, 2023
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“You’ve seen the videos of brazen smash and grabs at many different retailers across the country,” ABC correspondent Ariel Reshef noted at the top of her Thursday report for Good Morning America. But as she highlighted the growing threat to the safety of retail workers and the links to drug cartels and international terrorism, Reshef refused to entertain any explanation as to why these criminals were so emboldened: progressive district attorneys not prosecuting crime.

“Retailers we talked to are losing billions of dollars to organized retail crime. And authorities are warning that this has become an absolute threat to public safety, with violent gangs, dangerous international crime rings, and even groups with suspected ties to terrorism increasingly getting involved,” she warned viewers.

To show how big a threat this was to the country, Reshef spoke with Raul Aguilar, the deputy assistant director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Financial & Fraud Division. And he painted a dire picture.


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