ABC’s Raddatz Chastises Mayor SF Breed For ‘Reagan-Era Policies’

MRC Latino | November 19, 2023
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MAYOR LONDON BREED: When you look at the data of what is happening with our crime numbers over the past five years, they are showing a decline especially with car break-ins, burglaries, and other challenges that people are talking about, and in comparison to other U.S. Cities, San Francisco is really at the bottom. So I get that people feel that there are problems and there are concerns. They see the viral videos, and they think, oh, what's going on in San Francisco? And then what is happening, people…

MARTHA RADDATZ: But those statistics are from people who live here. 17% think it's on the right track. They live here. 

BREED: But it's not always attributed just to the issues around crime, you know? It's attributed to the issues around homelessness as well. It's significant to really continue to do the work that we're doing so that people cannot only see and feel the difference, but when people are coming to San Francisco, they are surprised that things aren't as bad as what they thought they were. Are things perfect in San Francisco? No, they're not, but we continue to work aggressively at it in order to solve some of our most pressing problems.

RADDATZ: Breed was elected mayor in 2018, and her ideas have not been without controversy. The city was sued over clearing homeless encampments last year, and her proposal to mandate drug screenings for welfare recipients has drawn comparisons to Reagan-era policies. 

You know your critics will also say, look. She's gone too far right and she's criminalizing homelessness and wanting drug tests for welfare recipients. Do you think you're coming down too hard on this?