Anti-Caravan Protesters in Tijuana

garvin oliver | November 21, 2018
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ARANTXA LOIZAGA, NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: Shouting “No to the invasion” Tijuanans demand the exit of the thousands of Central Americans disturbing their city, waiting to request asylum in the United States. 

FIDEL GONZALEZ: That it’s not a legal or orderly migration, and we are dissatisfied with the way they entered and the problems they have caused our neighbors in this city.

JORGE FREGOSO, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: Their main fear is that violence increases with the presence of these groups of asylum seekers.

ROBERTO MALACARA: Insecurity. We have a lot of insecurity in the city domestically. Now imagine if many of them come bad. Not all, but some bad ones, to hurt us. To make gangs.

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