Behar: Men Who Criticize Kamala ‘Fear’ ‘Funny Women,’ Are Bad in Bed

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 10, 2024
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In addition to circling the wagons for President Biden earlier in the week, ABC’s The View spent part of Wednesday’s episode defending Vice President Kamala Harris from former President Trump’s jokes about her inappropriate laughing fits. According to co-host Joy Behar, such criticism was indicative of a man uncomfortable with Harris’s comedic mastery and that he was bad in bed.

After playing a soundbite of Trump ripping “Laughin’ Kamala,” Behar exclaimed: “Ugh. He's so stupid!” She proceeded to rant how making funning fun of Harris’s (and Hillary Clinton’s) “cackling” was “sexist.”

Behar’s rambling quickly expanded to all men who criticized Harris’s inappropriate laughing fits. According to her, they had a “fear” of “funny women."


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