Bill Maher Gushes Over Jim Carrey's Anti-Trump Painting 'Wicked Witch of the West Wing'

Ryan Foley | August 2, 2020
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Left-wing comedian/artist Jim Carrey appeared on Friday's edition of Real Time. Initially, the discussion was not that political but that changed when host Bill Maher held up Carrey's painting depicting President Trump as "the Wicked Witch of the West Wing," which he claimed to have bought at a gallery showing. Carrey described the painting as his "picture of baby Dumb Dumb." Maher praised Carrey: "You're so political with your painting...I love that I bought this and it's going to get me a lot of money someday." Carrey talked about some of the paintings that he "can't put out there," which supposedly include a painting of "the Lincoln monument with a shotgun shooting himself." Maher pondered what Carrey would do if Trump ended up losing. Carrey did not really answer, instead electing to go on a tirade against the President, whom he described as a "megalomaniacal lunatic traitor" before warning that "we're in actual mortal danger." 

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