Brian Williams Signs Off From MSNBC With NASTY Goodbye, ABSURD Tributes (Pt. 2)

Curtis Houck | December 10, 2021
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Brian Williams signed off late Thursday night for the final time after 28 years between MSNBC and NBC, claiming on The 11th Hour that he’s “not a liberal or a conservative,” but “an institutionalist” fearful of “the darkness...has spread” across America while equating Trump supporters to arsonists and murderers that frighten him as “an aging volunteer fireman.”

Saying he only has “regrets” that are “too few to mention,” the scandal-ridden journalist compared himself to George Bailey as, before and during his final show, he was inundated with “lovely testimonials” that referred to him as “a gift to the country” filled with “grace,” “integrity,” “kindness,” “smarts,” “wisdom,” and “wit.”