Brzezinski Tees Up Texas Dem to Smear GOP as ‘Femicide’ Backers

Margaret Buckley | July 15, 2022
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See this overly leftist, extremist take on NewsBusters.

On Friday, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe Mika Brzezinski decided to highlight the “dangers” of a post-Roe America by bringing on pro-choice Texan Rochelle Garza, the Democratic candidate running against Ken Paxton in the attorney general race. And of course, the interview was just a vehicle to tee up Garza to bash her opponent over abortion restrictions.

At the top of the interview, Brzezinski asked her to “explain to us why you feel your opponent needs to be replaced.” Clearly, Garza didn’t hear Brzezinski introduce her to those watching because she started off saying “My name is Rochelle Garza, I'm running for Attorney General here in the state of Texas.”