CBS Bashes Florida’s DeSantis for Planning Ahead With Vaccine Doses

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 26, 2021
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Earlier this month, CBS Evening News bashed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) because he was moving doses of the coronavirus vaccine from inefficient hospitals to more efficient ones. You know being responsible with what he was given. Well, CBS was back at it again on Tuesday as they chided him for planning ahead and holding on to doses to make sure elderly residence could get their follow-up shots. The network even teamed up with a Biden administration official to get their kicks in.

Even though he noted that “cities like New York” were canceling appoints and were desperate for vaccine doses, correspondent Manuel Bojorquez was critical of Florida’s ability to plan ahead.

Florida's governor today fought back against White House claims the state has failed to administer half of its vaccine doses, saying some are being held back to guarantee seniors get the second prescribed shot,” he whined.

Bojorquez leaned on Dr. Michael Osterholm, of Biden’s COVID advisory panel to contradict DeSantis for supposedly not believing the administration’s promises.


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