CBS CENSORS Tim Scott's Biblical Quote From Response To 'Judas' Smear

MRC Latino | February 18, 2024
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ROBERT COSTA: Nikki Haley has been tough. She has been a longtime ally of yours, not so much anymore. Her son, her adult son, Nalin, has referred to you as “Judas” for endorsing former President Donald Trump. What's your response to Nalin Haley and to Nikki Haley, who has not really disavowed that comment, though she's kind of shushed her son from time to time?

SEN. TIM SCOTT (R-SC): Well, here- here's what I'd say. Politics makes people and their families desperate. It's unfortunate for a person with a high caliber of an individual that she has been, to stoop down to having her and her family refer to me or anyone else as Judas Iscariot, or any other name calling. The one thing I will say to your viewers, when you are attacked, please remember this, do not take criticism for someone you would not take advice. And in addition to that, because I am going to church in a little while, Matthew 5:44 reminds us to pray for those who persecute you, and to love your enemies, we have to find in our hearts the way of forgiveness. I- I know that they're in a heated race. I know that it's not going their way, they- they're going to lose their home state. There'll be a devastating loss here in South Carolina. It was a devastating loss in New Hampshire, there's not a state coming forward that she's going to win. So I get the name calling. But it's not about me, frankly, it's about the American people. So I- I hope that they get back to focusing on the underlying issues.