CBS Cheers Biden for Infrastructure Deal, Ignores Him Possibly Sinking It

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 24, 2021
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CBS Evening News did their due diligence as a Democratic Party press shop Thursday, as they quickly lauded President Biden for the work a bipartisan group of lawmakers did in putting together a massive infrastructure package. “The road to this deal has been bumpy,” as senior White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe put it. But he abdicated his duty to report on how Biden had opened up a sinkhole and swallowing that road with a push for “human infrastructure.”

The road to this deal has been bumpy, but President Biden said the bipartisan plan unveiled today will create millions of new jobs and help rebuild broken relationships,” O’Keefe praised as he dove into some of the details the lawmakers agreed on:

The $375 billion plan has new money for bridges, airports, train stations, public transit, and to expand broadband internet or rebuild power grids. Congress would pay for it in part by boosting the IRS’s budget to go after tax cheats, diverting billions in unused COVID relief funds, and by selling some of the nation’s strategic oil reserve.

He noted that “some Democrats aren't happy” because the bill didn’t include the massive spending progressives wanted on their pet projects.