CBS, NBC Ignore Judge Axing Title 42, Triggering Possible Surge of Illegal Immigrants

Curtis Houck | November 16, 2022
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Late Tuesday, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Emmett Sullivan ruled the border policy Title 42 put into place during the COVID-19 pandemic will be ended, triggering what is likely to be another tsunami of illegal immigrants flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border and a further strain on border towns. Not surprisingly, the liberal networks showed little interest with CBS and NBC ignoring it on their Tuesday night and Wednesday morning news shows.

ABC’s Good Morning America was the only flagship network newscast to cover the impending flood. In the lead-up to the one-minute-and-15-second report from correspondent Mireya Villarreal, host Robin Roberts said Sullivan “[struck] down a Trump-era order could lead to thousands more potential asylum seekers entering the country” with border towns “bracing for the influx.”