‘Chaotic Night’; Nets Revel in ‘Embarrassing...Setbacks’ for GOP on Failed Votes

Curtis Houck | February 7, 2024
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House Republicans suffered a series of cringe-worthy losses on Tuesday night as they failed to impeach Biden Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and advance a bill to provide funding to support Israel in its war against the animalistic terrorist group Hamas. Naturally, ABC, CBS, and NBC took victory laps Wednesday morning over the “chaotic night” and “stunner” on Capitol Hill with the GOP’s “embarrassing...setbacks.”

We wish we could lead off with a different network, but ABC’s Good Morning America put a aurora of revelry. Co-host Robin Roberts teased the “chaotic night on Capitol Hill ends with a stunning vote” thanks to “Congressman Al Green, coming from surgery, still in hospital scrubs, to cast the key vote while a bill to provide aid to Israel also fails after Republicans backed away from a bipartisan border deal.”