Chris Cuomo: GOP Not Serious About Getting to Bottom of COVID, I Am!

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 28, 2023
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In something resembling then-Senator John Kerry’s infamous ‘I was for it before I was against’ bungle, NewsNation primetime host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo opened Monday night’s edition of his eponymous show by touting how he had reported on the lab leak origin theory of COVID in 2020, before The Wall Street Journal reported the Energy Department’s findings in 2023. But he omitted how he bashed Republicans for focusing on the lab origin and suggested that he and not them were serious about finding accountability for it.

“A new intelligence report came out that has the U.S. Energy Department saying that the COVID-19 pandemic most likely originated from a leak in a Chinese lab,” he announced at the top of the show. “This is a reversal of what the department initially assessed.”

After stating the obvious that COVID’s origin “matters,” he bloviated about how each side of the aisle didn’t really care and only wanted to score political points. Of course, he put more emphasis on Republicans:

So the story, the angle, the pressure point should be obvious right? The investigation. Get us an answer. But that's not the focus. Why? The game. People in power here only care about the answer for creates advantage over the other side. They want to make you angry. So, we get no answer. The right wants to look into the cover-up of the answer, but not find the answer. The left is quiet. Why? Because this question itself became bad for them early on. Not sure why.

This was followed up with Cuomo playing an edited soundbite from his CNN primetime show on April 15, 2020, when he reported a breaking headline the U.S. government was investigating the lab leak theory.


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