Chris Plante Slams Media for Lack of Interest in Biden Scandal

Ryan Foley | September 25, 2019
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During Tuesday's edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the eponymous host brought in radio host Chris Plante to weigh in on the media hysteria surrounding the push for President Trump's impeachment. Plante described the media's behavior as "pathological," "manic," and "really nutty." Plante accused the media of "faithfully and dutifully carrying out the mission of the Democratic Party" before slamming them for absolving "the Biden family past, present, and future of any wrongdoing, possible wrongdoing, theoretical wrongdoing" despite the fact that "we've got Joe Biden on tape, expressing what is clearly a quid pro quo involving a prosecutor he's demanding be fired or we're going to withhold aid. The prosecutor coincidentally is of course investigating a company that's paying his son a great deal of money." After noting that "the news media has no interest in this whatsoever," Plante predicted that "if President Trump was on the phone demanding that they lay off of his son in Ukraine and fire the prosecutor that's investigating his son...the news media might be onto a story there." According to Plante, "the news media unscrupulously fails to ask all of the obvious and salient questions, that if you were just a curious high school newspaper reporter you might start asking.