Chuck Todd Tries to Save Collusion Narrative, Wonders What Founders Would Think

Curtis Houck | March 24, 2019
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During the Sunday afternoon NBC News Special Report on AG Bill Barr’s letter to Congress about the Mueller Report, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd tried to save the now-deceased chances of Trump-Russia collusion, claiming that “Democrats very fairly will” wonder “if this doesn't exonerate him on the obstruction question, that if you not resolved obstruction, how do you resolve collusion?”

Speaking to Sunday NBC Nightly News anchor Kate Snow, Todd told her it’s not that the President has been vindicated of collusion, but that he will “feel quite vindicated in this because what is under dispute is how he has conducted himself, what is not going to be in dispute is...that Bob Mueller did not find any — anything about coordination with the Trump officials, and that will be Bob Mueller's word, and they will take it as the full exoneration.”