CNN Calls Schiff Censureship Explosion of Animosity, Neglects Facts

Cassandra DeVries | June 22, 2023
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CNN This Morning criticized the censureship of Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff (CA) on Thursday, calling it “an expression of animosity” caused by too much “free time” in the House of Representatives. CNN portrayed the House as unjust and Schiff as a political victim instead of the purveyor of false accusations against former President Trump.

Republican representatives censured Schiff for falsely accusing and attempting to discredit Trump. Schiff repeatedly claimed he possessed copious amounts evidence that Trump colluded with Russia and appeared in mainstream media to promote these claims. Schiff never produced the evidence due to alleged security reasons, but in reality, he had none to show.

CNN previously presented Schiff’s false accusations as fact, but, despite the embarrassment of airing misinformation, CNN defended Schiff when Republicans removed him from the Intelligence Committee and again when they censured him. Instead, CNN fell into the ad hominem fallacy: attacking Republicans and ignoring Schiff’s deception.