CNN Celebrates Biden Raking in Millions, Presses Camp to Sure Up MI

Kathryn Eiler | February 20, 2024
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On CNN News Central Tuesday morning, host Kate Bolduan started her conversation with former Democratic mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, by fawning over President Joe Biden’s current fundraising numbers, saying “That's the largest amount for a democratic candidate EVER, at this point in the cycle,” emphasis hers. She also pressed the Biden campaign’s national co-chair to sure-up the Palestinian vote in Michigan or else risk losing in November.

She compared Donald Trump’s fundraising numbers to Biden’s, making a point to insinuate that Donald Trump’s fundraising money was being funneled into his legal bills. “[I]t’s hard to make a direct comparison to Republicans and Trump right now as they have not released their numbers for the month, but they started the year with less and they’re spending big on Donald Trump's legal bills,” she quipped.

Landrieu was more than happy to play along and mock former President Trump saying, “And while the President of the United States was working really hard on, on basically doing the things that are important to the United States of America, Donald Trump was selling tennis shoes.”