CNN Claims Biden Investigation is "Much Ado About Nothing"

Cassandra DeVries | July 26, 2023
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Wednesday’s CNN This Morning discussed the allegations that President Joe Biden’s role in Hunter Biden’s business dealings approached, in House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) words, “the level of impeachment inquiry.” Political commentator Van Jones declared the investigation to be “much ado about nothing” and that it was “pulled out of nowhere.”

Despite growing allegations, CNN treated a Biden impeachment inquiry as unwarranted, especially compared to former President Donald Trump’s impeachment. Host Erica Hill implied McCarthy’s comments served merely as a political strategy:

We’ve been hearing more from Speaker McCarthy talking about the potential for an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. We also have reporting from our fantastic colleagues up there on the Hill that there has been more of a push among top Republicans to go after Joe Biden. If you are going to do an impeachment inquiry or proceedings of some sort, go for the top dog.