CNN Claims Fewer Deaths, Less Racism with Electric Cars

Ana Schau | June 7, 2023
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CNN Chief Climate Correspondent Bill Weir made an appearance on Wednesday’s CNN News Central to condemn gas-powered vehicles and to sing the praises of electric ones, which apparently can save lives, according to a study by the American Lung Association. Weir also cited the study’s claims that an all-electric vehicle base would reduce things like asthma attacks, “lost work days,” and health costs, as well as claiming that it would right the “unjust” racism here, because pollution “really, really affects communities of color.”

Weir began his pitch by citing the study and explaining its findings. It claimed that, if the nation goes electric by 2050, there will be “89,300 fewer premature deaths” from air pollution. It also said that there will have been “2.2 million fewer asthma attacks,” as well as “10.7 million fewer lost workdays” and “$978 billion in public health benefits” as the result of the “cleaner air.”