CNN Fears ‘Over-Criminalizing Mishandling’ Docs After Biden Caught

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 10, 2023
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The liberal media’s double standard for presidents mishandling classified documents has apparently expanded from President Biden isn’t as bad as former President Trump to we shouldn’t be over-criminalizing the mishandling of classified information. That was the message during Tuesday’s CNN Newsroom as anchor Victor Blackwell sought the help from former members of the CIA and FBI to defuse the situation Biden now finds himself in.

Blackwell kicked off the panel discussion by directing former FBI official Joshua Skule to directly confront Republican criticisms of the media’s blatant double standard. “We heard the majority leader saying, well, why isn’t the press asking the same questions of Biden and the administration as they did of the former president. Just contrast, start out how different these cases are as you see it,” he instructed.

Of course, the FBI guy thought Trump was the worst offender of the two.


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