CNN: High Border Arrests Shows Border Security Is Working

bradwilmouth | September 18, 2022
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Fox's The ingraham Angle

September 29, 2022

10:22 p.m. Eastern

LAURA INGRAHAM: It's time to really start keeping track of Biden's mounting death toll at the border. Now, it's been over a week since we learned about a new record set at the southern border -- 782 migrants have died trying to illegally cross so far this fiscal year. And this week, that number is climbing. In Otay Mesa, south of San Diego, another body was found this week. This morning, in Laredo, Texas. Border Patrol found another dead body in the brush after a group crossed the Rio Grande without food or water. Now, just north in Eagle Pass, it's becoming too much to handle. Officials there have been forced to bring in refrigeration trucks to store up all the bodies there. ... Eagle pass is also where we find Jorge Ventura, field reporter at the Daily Caller, who joins us from there live. Jorge, you said some of these bodies include children, pregnant women. It's getting very little attention. Now, why is that?

JORGE VENTURA DAILY CALLER: Yeah, Laura. Here, for the last six months, officials are trying to sound the alarm on the amount of migrant deaths. The officials here are telling me between one to two deaths a day. And it's getting to the point that they're having to bury some of these migrants at their local cemetery. Now, the majority of the migrants that are being buried at the local cemetery have not been IDed. It's truly heartbreaking, Laura. One of the PCP pipes -- makeshift pipes that they make for the crosses for these migrants, you can actually see a baby John Doe. So this includes babies, infants. That baby actually drowned on August 13. It's actually forcing the sheriffs here to request refrigerator trailers to store the bodies in because the Webb County medical examiner's office has told Maverick County that they have reached capacity. They are also receiving way too many bodies. Webb County right now is receiving bodies for not only Maverick County, but for eight different counties. And here, Laura, it's become unfortunately, the new normal, the amount of deaths you're seeing daily here.

INGRAHAM: Now, Maverick County deputy constable Frank Bowles was forced to make this admission. Watch this.

FRANK BOWLES, MAVERICK COUNTY DEPUTY CONSTABLE: Unfortunately, we're going to have to open up -- or the county's going to have to open up another plot here in the cemetery at some point -- open up another section because some days we're receiving one to two persons deceased per day. Sometimes we're receiving eight to nine. And it's gotten to the point where our local mortuaries are no longer taking the deceased.

INGRAHAM: That, I guess, that was drone footage of that cemetery. You know, Jorge, I see that, and I see this is what an open border brings....

VENTURA: It's a true, you know, humanitarian crisis. And one thing that the sheriff tells me as well is it's mentally actually taken a toll on Maverick County sheriffs -- the men and women here who are after dealing with the deaths every single day, that were telling me that they were only seeing before Biden came in maybe one or two deaths per year. That's because that's become the new daily occurrence. Laura, right after that interview with Frank Bowles, an hour later, another migrant drone -- our cameraman, Thomas Cooper, was on the scene to capture that with a drone. It was a Honduran national, is what our sheriffs are telling us. And that body is now stored in the refrigerator trailer. And what they're saying as well is they don't know what to do next. They're scrambling to find room. They might have to contact the state of Texas and request more refrigerator trailers as they're getting no answer from the Biden administration on this issue at all. It's a true humanitarian crisis, and, unfortunately, is the new normal here in Eagle Pass.


Fox News at Night

September 24, 2022

12:10 a.m.

KEVIN CORKE: Tonight we have another Fox News exclusive from the southern border. This time we go into one of the busiest morgues in the region where the staff is completely overwhelmed by the number of deaths of illegal aliens trying to get into America. Correspondent Alexis McAdams has our story from Eagle Point, Texas.

ALEXIS McADAMS: Another day at the Webb County medical examiner's office in Laredo, Texas. This small morgue is one of the busiest along the southern border as nearly every day the team wheels in another migrant body, adding to the more than 300 they've already processed so far this year.

Dr. CORRINNE STERN, WEBB COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINER: It is a crisis. I've labeled it. There you go. We're in the middle of a crisis. Dr. Corrinne Stern has been a medical examiner in Texas for more than 20 years. Not all of the border counties have an ME, so she serves nearly a dozen, but had to stop accepting migrant cases because there's no more room.

Dr. STERN: It is full. I currently have not a single space in that cooler.

McADAMS: It's a graphic and a grim reality at the southern border. A warning for viewers that these images may be difficult to see. This man, from Mexico, was found out on a ranch in Webb County. The medical examiner fingerprinted and documented the death. With nowhere to send these bodies, makeshift cemeteries are popping up near the border. These plots are marked by PVC pipe crosses.

Dr, STERN: Every single one of them was preventable.

McADAMS: CPB sources tell Fox News more than 3,000 have died trying to cross into the U.S. since the beginning of last fiscal year. While the crisis rages on, a heartfelt warning from the doctor who knows just how deadly this journey is.

Dr. STERN: Don't listen to what the coyotes are telling you. They could care less if you make this journey safely.

McADAMS: And, Kevin, just yesterday I saw agents pull two bodies out of the Rio Grande River behind me as migrant deaths continue to surge at the southern border. Sources out here tell us it shows no sign of slowing down

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