CNN Hypes Poll Showing Teachers Against Guns for School Security

bradwilmouth | June 1, 2023
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There have been 22 shootings in K through 12 schools this year, and, so often, after these shootings. This is the rallying cry that you hear from Republicans. 

REP. LAUREN BOLBERT (R-CO): I want to arm teachers. I want to have secure schools.

REP. THOMAS MASSEY (R-KY) : In those states == in those school districts where that's happened -- where they've allowed qualified teachers and staff to carry, there hasn't been a single mass shooting in one of those schools.

EX-PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: For about $12 million, we could fund armed security guards at the entrance of every school in America, and also arm every willing teacher.

KEILAR: But a new report shows more than half of the nation's teachers think that arming themselves would actually make students less safe. Still, nearly one in five teachers say they would carry a firearm at school if it was permitted, Jennifer Mascia is a writer at The Trace, which is a new organization dedicated to covering gun violence. Jennifer, thank you so much for being with us to talk about this. Obviously, it's an incredibly controversial idea. It is actually in effect in some places, so tell us what it looks like where they're doing this in schools. Are there teachers trained? How much are they trained? Are they actually carrying these weapons one their person? Are they locked up? Tell us how they're doing it?

So 28 states have laws that permit staffers or designated school officials to have access to guns, and it really depends. State law