CNN Hypes Trump Probe Audio, But They’ve Never Listened to It

Ana Schau | June 1, 2023
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In yet another example of leftist inflation of anti-Trump propaganda, CNN legal affairs correspondent Paula Reid appeared at the beginning of all three hours of Thursday’s CNN This Morning to discuss her recent “dogged reporting” on the newly discovered audio recording that had been taken of former President Trump. Reid made many outrageous claims about the content of this recording, despite her own admission that they “had not heard this tape,” and her refusal to specify which “sources” she was drawing her information from.

According to Reid, this audio recording supposedly contained an admission on Trump’s part of having “at least one classified document, a Pentagon memo describing a possible attack on Iran.” He also apparently was recorded “acknowledging the limits of his ability to declassify material after leaving office,” which Reid hyperbolically claimed contradicted “every public defense he and his attorneys have provided.”