CNN+ Sides With Fauci Against Judicial Oversight of CDC, Mask Mandate

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 21, 2022
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Giving yet another reason to throw CNN+ into the dustbin of history, Thursday’s edition of The Source featured host Kasie Hunt and CNN political director David Chalian agreeing with petty tyrant Dr. Anthony Fauci that the CDC should not be subject to judicial oversight. He even argued the courts shouldn’t have the authority to undo the federal mask mandate for public transportation.

“Politically, it’s kind of a lose-lose for the Biden administration,” Hunt lamented at the top of the show. “They were considering lifting the ban in just a matter of weeks but now they are forced to appeal the judge’s ruling in order to protect the CDC’s power in future pandemics.”

In his office and surrounded by Fauci-branded tchotchkes, Hunt then elevated Fauci’s displeasure with the idea of a part of the executive branch being subjected to judicial oversight by a federal court in Florida.