CNN Spews Disinformation About VA School District’s Maniacal ‘Equity’

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 17, 2023
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In yet another scandal from a Northern Virginia school district dominated by liberals, Fairfax public schools were recently accused of withholding notice of merit scholarship commendations as part of what Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin calls their “maniacal focus on equal outcomes for all students at all costs.” The response from CNN during Tuesday’s Inside Politics was to suggest there was no evidence of such machinations from the school district, despite the fact it was featured in a strategic planning meeting.

“The Republican Governor accusing education officials in the commonwealth’s largest county of choosing equity over merit,” host John King announced at the top of the segment. He was followed up by national correspondent Athena Jones, who he claimed would “sort the politics and the truth.”

Jones admitted that the National Merit Scholarship Corporation's Commendations were a type of “honorable mention” and something a prospective college student would like to have on their applications, but tried to downplay the situation.


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