CNN Wants Controlled Information, Disparages Objectors

Cassandra DeVries | July 5, 2023
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Wednesday’s CNN This Morning criticized a federal judge’s ruling that the Biden Administration may not ask social media companies to take down certain content. Senior media analyst Sara Fischer insisted that controlled conversation ensured public health, while senior legal analyst Elie Honig called it “one of the most aggressive, far-reaching rulings you’ll ever see,” micromanagement, and “conservative political ideology.” Podcaster Errol Louis said it reminded him of a live-streamed 12 year old girl suicide that was not taken down for two weeks and asserted the judge wrote the injunction for attention.

“Those are things that, you know, the government would suggest or argue are a public safety initiative, something that we need to have controlled conversation over in order to ensure that the public is healthy,” Fischer explained, arguing for controlled conversations instead of free speech and free press.

“If you're asking my opinion, I think this whole thing is kind of a racket. You know, it suggests to me that there is a far more serious allegation of government intervention here than there actually is proof of one existing,” she continued, blatantly suppressing any reference to the Twitter Files, which documented requests from the executive branch to censor information about COVID-19.