On CNN, WaPo's Sullivan Calls Liberal Media 'the Reality-Based Press'

Ryan Foley | November 25, 2019
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CNN's Brian Stelter devoted the entire opening segment of Reliable Sources to trashing Fox News and right-wing media. His guests all too happily joined in.  The Washington Post's Margaret Sullivan dismissed the need to "take it down the middle and sort of say 'here's what people on the right are saying, here's what the people on the left are saying.'" According to Sullivan, "that does amount to a false equivalency because unfortunately...what's being viewed as left-wing media is actually what I like to call the reality-based press." Sullivan sounded a lot like Rosie O'Donnell, who once described "bad news" about Trump as "equivalent to the truth about him." Sullivan claimed that "you're not getting reality" on Fox News, suggesting that viewers are instead "getting a very skewed version of things." CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy seconded Sullivan's analysis, accusing "the Republican Party and the right-wing press...have really created and constructed an alternate universe."