CNN's Brinkley Calls Trump the 'InfoWars President,' Compares Him to Joe McCarthy

Ryan Foley | July 6, 2020
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On Sunday's edition of Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter declared that "President Trump only seems to make sense if you know how to speak the Fox News language." Stelter brought in CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley to discuss the "warped view of reality and history" that President Trump and Fox News subscribe to. Brinkley proceeded to refer to Trump as "the InfoWars President" and a "conspiracy theorist" who "works to divide and disunite the country." When asked to weigh in on the concept of "wartime conservatism," Brinkley proclaimed that "Donald Trump is Joe McCarthy" but actually worse because McCarthy wasn't President of the United States. We are now seeing McCarthyism running out of the White House" with "the smearing of Black Lives Matter, which is a peaceful organization" as "almost vermin that needs to be exterminated." 

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