CNN's Powers: Trump, NZ Shooter 'Have Maybe Some Things in Common in Terms of How They Think About People'

Ryan Foley | March 16, 2019
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CNN's efforts to tie President Trump to the New Zealand shooting that killed dozens of Muslims continued well into primetime Friday night. On Anderson Cooper 360, host Anderson Cooper's guests effectively accused President Trump of harboring white nationalist ideology. Cooper's ccording to Never-Trumper Max Boot, "he has done and said a lot of things that are very congruent with the kind of ideology that these white supremacists actually have." Boot argued that their rhetoric wasn't "exactly the same" before adding "there is enough overlap there that they take inspiration from his words." CNN Political Commentator Kirsten Powers had a similar take: "I don't think you can blame Donald Trump for this attack, I think you can blame Donald Trump for really trafficking in bigotry and...Iislamophobia, wanting to ban all Muslims as he said during the campaign," adding "they have maybe some things in common in terms of how they think about people."