CNN’s Scott Jennings Levels HILARIOUS Clapback at Dems Celebrating Court Case vs.

Curtis Houck | December 20, 2023
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Reacting to Tuesday’s breaking news that the far-left Colorado Supreme Court tossed former President Trump off the 2024 primary ballot over his January 6 conduct, CNN’s lone conservative and senior political commentator Scott Jennings offered a hilarious comeback at liberals (which would include those watching CNN) celebrating the move as more hijinks that’ll backfire.

Jennings told OutFront host Erin Burnett that liberals are going to regret pursuing these cases to kick Trump off state ballots (and thus could invalidate his candidacy): “[F]or the biggest sort of liberal Trump haters out there, this is like getting drunk at your office Christmas party. Seemed like a good idea on a Friday night, really going to regret it on Monday morning”.