CNN’s Zakaria Delivers Prime Time Screed: Trump Means End of Democracy

Brent Baker | January 10, 2022
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“America has vanquished demagogues before,” CNN’s Fareed Zakaria announced near the top of a Sunday night CNN Special Report, The Fight to Save American Democracy, in which contended Donald Trump is a threat to democracy.

It didn’t take long to get to the Hitler comparisons after connecting Trump to Father Charles Coughlin. Zakaria noted that in the 1930s, democracy in Germany “was losing to a fanatical madman,” a story he insisted has “a twist that has haunting echoes to the current American crisis.”

Following the obligatory caveat (“Let’s be very clear. Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler”) came the buts as Zakaria argued Hitler’s rise showed “the way conservative elites, determined to keep the left out of power, align themselves with an anti-democratic demagogue.” 

If in 2024 Trump “wins the nomination and it’s a close election, we will almost certainly face a constitutional crisis,” Zakaria asserted before lecturing Republicans how “they must come together with these same Democrats to preserve a credible and legitimate political system” so we can “save American democracy.”

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