Colbert Demands Voters Join France And 'Defeat Fascism'

Alex Christy | July 10, 2024
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After freaking out on Monday over President Joe Biden’s debate performance, CBS’s Stephen Colbert was more optimistic on Tuesday’s edition of The Late Show. Colbert urged viewers to look across the pond to France because “if the French can unite to defeat fascisms, Americans can do it, too.” It was not only a vicious attack on Republicans, it was a wild distortion of what happened in France’s recent election.

Colbert began, “Now, if you’re feeling down about this election, don’t despair, there's hope from one of America's oldest allies, France. Because, two weeks ago, France's ultra-right-wing xenophobic party, the National Rally, seemed poised to take over their parliament. But this weekend, in a huge voter turnout, the French people rejected the far-right.”

Two things need to be said about that. First, there's more to the National Rally than immigration. “The far-right” wanted to spend like the drunken socialists that ended up winning and leader Marine Le Pen recently flip-flopped her position on abortion and is now in favor of it. 

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