Colorado SecState Appears on MSNBC, Presses SCOTUS to Uphold Trump Ban

MRC Latino | December 28, 2023
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CHARLES COLEMAN, JR.: Are you looking forward, in a way, to the Supreme Court getting involved? 

JENA GRISWOLD: I’m looking forward to certainty. My job as Secretary of State is to make sure that Coloradans have great elections. Republicans, Democrats, unaffiliateds alike. And I have to certify who will be on the ballot next week Friday for the presidential primary. So we are really urging the courts to act quickly, and whether that means they decide not to review or they do review the case, well, that's up to them. But I also agree with Secretary Bellows in Maine and the Colorado Supreme Court. They’ve gotten it right. Donald Trump engaged in an insurrection, and because of that he should be disqualified by the Constitution from appearing on any ballot or serving as President again.