Coyotes To Univision: ‘Business Is Booming’ Due To Biden ‘Benefit’

MRC Latino | March 28, 2021
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PEDRO ULTRERAS, UNIVISION: Is business booming right now, does it pay well?

COYOTE 1: It does, given the situation with the people.

ULTRERAS: At least that’s what these two young men say, having built a highly profitable business by helping Central American families seeking asylum to cross (into the US).

COYOTE: We just come here to earn our daily bread like everybody else.

ULTRERAS: Both young men claim to be 22 years of age, and agreed to speak to us without concealing their identities at the edge of the Rio Grande, on the American side.

COYOTE 2: In all honesty, there are way too many people. Believe me...with the benefits your new president is now granting, the people found the courage to come.