Cuomo Warns Colleges 'Dumbing Down' America With Lower Test Standards

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 4, 2022
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After a rocky start to his new show the previous evening, NewsNation’s new primetime host Chris Cuomo made some sense Tuesday night on his eponymous show as he warned about the “dumbing down of America” via colleges lowering academic standards to appease failing students. He even called out The New York Times for failing to take issue with a popular professor being sacrificed by New York University to appeal to the 23 percent of his students who signed a petition against him.

“We got to get together to stop the dumbing down of America,” Cuomo declared near the top of his show. He was highlighting the case of now-former Professor Maitland Jones Jr. and how he was fired for essentially having standards for his organic chemistry (an important class for pre-med and other science students).

Cuomo essentially called out the Times for how they poorly covered and framed the story to their readers.