Deaf to Hearings: CBS/NBC Skip COVID Origin, ABC Avoids Afghanistan

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 9, 2023
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On Wednesday, House Republicans held two critical hearings on behalf of the American people: the first was to find the origin of the COVID pandemic, and the other was to hold officials accountable for the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Despite COVID killing over 1.1 million Americans, the Wednesday evening and Thursday morning newscasts of CBS and NBC completely ignored the hearing. Meanwhile, ABC’s evening and morning newscasts were uninterested in the emotional testimony of a Marine who witnessed the deadly incompetence of the Biden administration in Afghanistan.

Instead of reporting on the COVID hearing Wednesday evening, CBS Evening News was busy with the latest drama from the British royal family while NBC Nightly News was looking for UFOs again. CBS Mornings and NBC’s Today were more concerned with Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim’s retirement, Thursday morning.

Over on ABC’s World News Tonight and Good Morning America, senior congressional correspondent Rachel Scott delivered sober reports about the content of the hearing; including the growing suspicion that COVID-19 had escaped a lab and the concerns against so-called “gain of function” research.


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