Deception? CBS Omitted Clip of U.S. Attorney Pledging to Prosecute Employers of Illegals

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 15, 2019
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On Wednesday, CBS Evening News and special contributor Maria Elena Salinas were up in arms because, so far, the Mississippi food processing plants raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement last week were not being prosecuted. The report was largely designed to make it seem as though the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi, Mike Hurst was not serious about prosecuting them.

But on Thursday, CBS shared more from Salinas’s interview with Hurst. And it turns out, she deceptively omitted a clip of Hurst pledging to prosecute when they had enough evidence.

During the Wednesday report, Salinas highlighted a confrontation interaction she had with Hurst. Asking him:

Why are the employees immediately detained and put in jail and separated from their families, when you have these employers and managers who are home free with their families like the others are being detained?

After Hurst counted by accurately pointed out that it was the parents, who crossed in the country illegally, who put themselves and their children in that position, Salinas pushed back:

I understand. But you didn't answer the question. I'm asking you specifically about the last operation here, and why is it that you have hundreds of people in jail, and you have these employers, or managers who hired them, and broke the law, home with their families?


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