Democrat Sad that Republicans Aren’t Joining Breakdown over A.I Disinformation

Kathryn Eiler | March 12, 2024
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During CNN This Morning, Kasie Hunt prompted guest Sasha Issenberg to share his opinion about how Republicans are idiots for not joining Democrats in their mental breakdown over some degenerate spreading A.I. disinformation on the internet.

Issenberg was invited on the show to talk about his new book, The Lie Detectives, which explores the political implications of internet-spread A.I. disinformation. “[A.I.] has forced political professionals and people running campaigns -- the party committees -- to totally revisit a lot of their assumptions about when and how you respond to attacks.”

Their conversation began discussing the current real-life situation in which people have been receiving fake phone calls from Pres. Joe Biden and circulating A.I. photos of Donald Trump posing with black supporters on the internet.

In a somewhat abrupt transition, Hunt asked Issenberg how Republicans and Democrats differ in their responses to this type of A.I.-created disinformation. Instead of explaining more of his research on how such images affect voting and campaigning strategy, he dove into a lengthy spiel about how Republicans “dispute the whole idea that disinformation is a meaningful category.”