Florida Dem LG Candidate: Trump Supporters A Threat To Democracy

MRC Latino | September 7, 2022
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JORGE RAMOS: In your view, are the Republicans that supported Trump a threat to democracy?

HERNANDEZ MATS: Yes. Yes, they are. These are MAGA extremists. And we’re seeing that DeSantis, who is also a MAGA extremist, has- is acting in this manner. He is an authoritarian. He speaks like a dictator. He takes freedoms away, he is trying to censor books- to remove freedom in education- all of this is at stake. So when we talk about the importance of the vote, of going to the polls, all of this is what we are voting for. For women's freedom, my having autonomy over my own body, for the freedom to be able to vote, because we are seeing how they’re changing what is happening at the voting booth. So all of this is on the ballot.