FNC’s ‘The Five’ Cites MRC Study, Torches Liberal Media’s Aversion to Journalism

Curtis Houck | April 21, 2021
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Check out the link to the NB Staff post here from NewsBusters!

Early Wednesday night, the Fox News Channel’s The Five dedicated a full segment to the latest hit study from the MRC’s Research Director Rich Noyes, which showed a massive statistical disparity in heavily positive network evening news coverage of President Biden’s early days in the White House versus incredibly negative coverage of then-President Trump in 2017.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld stated it plainly off the top:

A new study proves that the media is in the tank for Joe Biden. It compared how network news handled the first 100 days for Biden and for Trump. And finds 89 percent negative coverage for Trump’s first few months and 59 positive coverage for Biden. No surprise.