FNC's Ingraham Points Out Kirsten Powers's Complete 180 on 'Silencing' Free Speech

Ryan Foley | November 20, 2018
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During Monday's edition of The Ingraham Angle, host Laura Ingraham and her panel discussed CNN Commentator Kirsten Powers's characterization of white women who voted for President Trump as racists who benefit from the patriarchy.  Ingraham opened the segment by playing a clip of Powers from three years ago, back when she was promoting her book, The Silencing: How The Left is Killing Free Speech.  According to Powers in 2015, "It's one thing just to be intolerant and have your own views and just say...I'm not interested in what other people think and I'm not going to talk to them. I think that's a problem and that's bad; it's an extra step to say that people cannot say or express things that you disagree with." After the clip concluded, Ingraham jumped back in and said: "Now, Kirsten Powers is doing her own silencing and berating white women who voted for Trump" before playing a clip of Powers making the comments in question last week. One of Ingraham's guests, Monica Crowley, who appeared with Powers during her previous role as a Fox News Contributor, said that she was "incredibly disappointed in her remarks here," adding "she seems to have dutifully submitted to CNN and its insane, dishonest agenda."