FNC's Ingraham Points Out Left's Double Standard on Supporting 'Misogynistic' Presidents

Ryan Foley | November 20, 2018
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During Monday's edition of The Ingraham Angle, host Laura Ingraham and her panel discussed CNN Commentator Kirsten Powers's characterization of white women who voted for President Trump as racists who benefit from the patriarchy. Liberal guest Rochelle Ritchie said that she did not agree with Powers's assertion that "all white women that voted for Trump are racist" before arguing that "I think that those women that voted for Trump where he's been accused of racism, I think they don't care if he is because it does not impact their everyday lives." Ritchie added that she was "not really sure" why Powers made those comments because "quite frankly, this is a system that she has benefitted from as a white woman." When Ritchie said that is surprised her that women voted for President Trump in spite of his "misogynistic comments," Ingraham pointed out the left's double standard: "Liberals didn't care about any of this after Bill Clinton, right? That wasn't really a concern back then, that women can't support Bill Clinton because look what he did."