Fox Highlights Poll: Most Support Busing Illegals to Blue States

bradwilmouth | September 29, 2022
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Fox News Live

September 5, 2022

1:44 p.m. Eastern

MOLLY LINE: We're looking at these incredible pictures that Garrett just brought us along with his crew down there in Eagle Pass -- people in the water right now as we speak. The largest mass downing of migrants, 13, but CPB numbers show that 200 have died just in the Del Rio section alone from October through July. So this is really an ongoing issue, you know, a terrible tragedy not only for the people that drown, but also for the people down there trying to secure the water and the border and to rescue people. Your thoughts on this ongoing enormous challenge?

BRANDON JUDD, NATIONAL BORDER PATROL COUNCIL: This is extremely upsetting, and it's upsetting to every single one of us that puts on a uniform and goes out there and tries to secure the border. When you look at what this administration is doing, they're encouraging people to cross the border illegally. They're encouraging people to put their lives in danger because these people know that they're going to be released. People don't listen to words -- they listen to actions. And this administration's actions are very clear. If you cross the border illegally, you will be rewarded. And if you do that, then they're going to continue to come.

And when you consider that, even though we're breaking records for the number of deaths -- when you consider last year, the Biden administration surpassed the previous high in number of deaths on the border -- they were at 500. Now, we are approaching 800 deaths -- more than double what we had before Biden took office. ...

...MOLLY LINE: When we see these numbers and these videos -- live videos coming in -- a real tragedy unfolding right before my eyes -- what do you think the Biden administration should be doing right now as they've just issued what they said is this warning of extreme importance?

JUDD: It's very simple what they need to do. They need to hold people in custody pending asylum or deportation proceedings. We believe in asylum -- we believe that people should have the right to claim asylum from countries that might do them harm. But you can't release them into the United States. The vast majority of these people never show up to their final court appearance. They'll be ordered (deported) in absentia -- or when they're not there -- and then the Biden administration doesn't allow ICE officers to execute the warrants that are issued for those people. They know that they're never going to have to leave this country. They violate our laws, never to leave again. And that's the magnet that draws so many people here. if this administration would end "catch and release," this problem would go away.


Fox News at Night

September 2. 2022

12:44 a.m. Eastern

GILLIAN TURNER: I want to ask you about rainbow fentanyl -- the drug, the pills that are colored in these sort of pastel, candy-looking colors to attract kids. Newsweek has this piece out today reporting that most of these drugs -- these pills come across the U.S. southern -- come across the U.S. southern border from Mexico into the United States. They say they don't -- they're not brought by individual smugglers coming, you know, walking across the border. They come in through these gigantic ships and cargo planes so this really has nothing to do with President Biden's border policy. Is that true?

TOM HOMAN, FORMER ACTING ICE DIRECTOR: That's wrong. That's wrong. Most drugs are seized at a port of entry. Why? Because every vehicle is stopped, and the inspector makes a determination of whether to inspect that vehicle. Between the ports of entry, no one is stopping them. Right now, 70 percent of Border Patrol agents are not on the line. So what's coming across that line where there's no Border Patrol agents? The criminal cartels are making record profits off fentanyl because the border is open. So people confuse -- and the left wants to use this purposely -- "most of the drugs come through the ports of entry." No. Most of the drugs are seized at a port of entry because it's manned 24/7, and every vehicle is stopped.


Fox News Channel

Your World with Neil Cavuto

August 24, 2022

4:22 p.m. Eastern

NEIL CAVUTO: So someone must give them a piece of paper or something about a court date. That's how it was traditionally handled at the border. I assume the same procedure is in place where it's up to the migrant to show up for that court date. ... How does that go? And how many show up for that?

BRANDON JUDD, NATIONAL BORDER PATROL COUNCIL: It is the exact same procedure. It's called a notice to appear. This is what we give these individuals. Now, it's a series of court dates. It's not just one single court day. It's a series. They first have to show up to Citizens and Immigration Service. And when they show up there, that's when they become eligible for work permits -- and then they get all of the benefits that any United States citizen could have -- all the social benefits that exist here. ...

CAVUTO: And they can't be deported, right? Brandon, they can't be deported at

JUDD: No, they cannot.

CAVUTO: Through all these various processes, they can't be kicked out, right?

JUDD: No, they cannot.

CAVUTO: Not until their final court appearance.

JUDD: And that final court appearance -- that's when -- that's when they have to prove that they have a legitimate reason to be here in the United States. That's when the vast majority disappear. They never show up to that final court appearance. And if they do show up to that final court appearance, and they're ordered (deported), they're normally released for about 30 days to get all of their affairs in order. And that's when they disappear. So the vast majority of these people will never leave this country. They will be ordered -- they will be ordered deported in absentia, or they will be ordered deported in person, but then they're released, and then they disappear.

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