George Takei: Nixing Roe Proves GOP is 'Mean-Spirited and Dangerous'

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 13, 2022
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***The complete post is on NewsBusters***

Appearing on Friday’s edition of The View, radical leftist actor and activist George Takei claimed the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court proves how "mean-spirited and dangerous" conservatives are. He also claimed conservatives don't care about the mothers or babies after they're born, saying they show "total irresponsibility" when dealing with them. And Joy Behar touts how they’re doing everything they can with their show to stop it.

After Behar introduced him and praised his liberal activism, Takei proceeded to lecture Republicans about what their values really are:

Well, a core value of the Republican Party I thought was small government, less, you know, freedom of speech, freedom of free trade, all that freedom. But when it comes to the most private area of a woman's life and decision-making government wants to ban it. I mean, it's not the Republican way.


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