High as a Kite? Whoopi: Justice Thomas Poised to Abolish Interracial Marriage

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 20, 2022
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The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg is known to partake in a little puff-puff-pass. But she may have hotboxed her dressing room on Wednesday as she outrageously suggested Justice Clarence Thomas was leading the U.S. Supreme Court in a charge to overturn Loving v. Virginia and abolish interracial marriage (despite the fact he’s in an interracial marriage). She even suggested that former President Trump didn’t really nominate the three justices he put on the bench.

Goldberg’s lies about Thomas came as she sniped at Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, proclaiming, “what the Democrats seem to be running on is also protecting everyone's rights regardless.” “Especially for a lot of folks who are also married interracially which is coming up, you know, bobbing its ugly head around; talking about moving that,” she added.

Co-host Joy Behar pipped up and noted that “Clarence Thomas is not going to move on that one because his wife is white.” This led to a back and forth where Goldberg insisted that her lie was the truth and seemed to convince Behar for a moment.